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WHAT'S UP - Women's Fiction | Over 40

These sites are a 'one-stop' shop for women needing some recommendations for their next book pick (a mix of light-hearted and not so light-hearted fiction).

AMAZON: Best Sellers for women's fiction
BEST ONLINE: 40 books every women should have on her bookshelf
BOOKS FOR OLDER WOMEN: Recommendations for women in mid-life and beyond (UK)
BOOK RIOT: 11 new chick lit books for anyone who misses Bridget Jones
ELLE: The best books to read (so far) in 2019
GOODREADS: The biggest site to look for your next book
GOODREADS: This page takes you to books for women over 45
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: 20 best fiction books to read
HUFFINGTON POST: Books from the last 7 years every woman should read
PAPERBACK SWAP: 91 funny chick lit books ever
PAPERBACK SWAP: A list of 26 hen lit books
I NEED BOOKS ONLINE: Best chick lit books in 2019
SIXTY AND ME: Books recommendations for women over 60
WHAT SHOULD I READ NEXT?: A book list about older women

Beach Books (oh c'mon....they're fun!)
And just because they're light and fun doesn't mean you have to be on a beach with a cocktail in hand. These books can be devoured anywhere after a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But nothing too heavy, please.

THE EVERYGIRL: A round up of best 2019 beach books
THE OPRAH MAGAZINE: 28 best reads of 2019 that belong in your beach bag
REFINERY 29: The ultimate beach read bucket list
THOUGHTCO: A mix of smart and fluffy2019 beach reads 
VULTURE: The 100 greatest beach reads

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