And the Survey's Out: Hen Lit Making a Comeback? (or did it ever really go anywhere)

Stumbled across this new survey and the results are encouraging for hen lit writers! This new data was revealed on June 27th (2019) at the Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference. The findings in this survey was in association with Granset, the biggest social media outlet for older people in the UK, along with publisher WQ (Harper Collins). 

"This data reveals that 47% of women over 40 say there are not enough books about middle-aged or older women. Yet women over 45 buy more fiction than any other segment, and 84% say they read every, or almost every day."

So for those women over 40 and who love to write, keep on writing if your main female character is over 40! But do keep it relatable. You don't need to be catering to the younger lover of 'chick lit'. Yes. We definitely want strong female protagonists, but we also want to read about more than just what it's like to live in the big city with a terrible boss and wandering lover. Instead, we want to read about issues that reflect our reality. So, meaningless jobs, failing marriages, MIA kids and aging parents. Give us anything except first jobs, first romances, and anything else we hens have already dealt with and (gladly) moved beyond.

Read more about this article in The Bookseller here!

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