Where'd You Go Bernadette: Book to Movie...

If you haven’t read Maria Semple’s comedy novel, Where’d You Go Bernadette, but you’re a speedy reader, then get your copy soon 'cause the movie's coming out next week!

This national bestseller (2012) wasn’t for everyone, but if you like a well-written (who doesn’t?) and character driven story--with wit, quirkiness and a bit of darkness sprinkled in--then this one is for you! Although it starts off slow, with a few rambling spots, it has a complete narrative plot which picks up quickly.

Bernadette, a loving mother and wife, finds herself in the midst of a huge meltdown as she tries to reconnect with her creative passions, leaving her husband and her highly intelligent, and dare I say, cool 13-year-old daughter named Bee, bewildered. They both give her the space she needs after she mysteriously disappears, both literally and figuratively, but suffer greatly because of it. 
The story is refreshing as much of the book is written through email correspondences and text messages.  A lot of surprises take place, helping Bee discover the truth behind her mother's behavior. 

If you’re a fan of Cate Blanchett, like I am, then skip the book and watch her on screen play an extremely anxious and unordinary, but charming hilarious character like Bernadette. I’ve seen the trailers and hope that Bernadette and all the side-characters are just as entertaining in the movie as I found them to be in the book! 


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I went to see the movie the other day with a friend who also read the book. We both thought Cate Blanchett pulled through playing yet another quirky character. You can real feel the joy she had acting this movie out. And brilliantly too. It did start off slow, like the book, but it built up and in the end I found the overall movie to be touching and sweet! The main characters were believable and enjoyable so I'd give this crowd pleasing flick a hard 7.5.

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