Hate Working Out? Try TABATA!

The jig is up. We've hit (or have already passed) the chronological milestone, the big 4-0. No longer can we order anything off the menu, indulge in a little junk food, or tie one on and not expect to pay a price the next day. More than ever, we now have to pay attention to what we eat, drink and do. Kills the fun, right?

With all the changes going on with our bodies, we have to work harder at getting and staying in shape - and not because we want our 20 something bodies back, but mostly because we want to be at our healthiest, prevent or recover from sprains and pains, and to keep up with our more active friends. 

But if you hate to workout, don't fret. Here's a "4-Minute", yes, a "4-Minute" miracle workout. I've tried it and it works. Besides walking Sophie, I try to do this at least three times a week. And better news, if you're one of the ones who LOVE working out daily (but not seeing the results you want) you can do this as part of your routine, too.

Beware though...you might see a few stars after your first attempt at this high intensity fat burning workout. Push through because research has shown that doing as little as four minutes (or one TABATA) can burn more fat than an hour on the bike or treadmill. Now that's my kind of workout. Don't believe me? See for yourself here and at the other links below for information, tips, tricks, and routines.

Check out some videos here!
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