Why I ditched my nightly moisturizer for a jar of coconut oil...

IT'S JUST MY OPINION - It's no revelation that coconuts are considered to be one of the most "exotic" and best smelling fruits 
(or is it a nut?) in the Western world. Not only does the smell of its rich white lining send you off to Tropicana heaven, but they're cheap and available--in the other half of the world, they're a mainstay in diet. 

Beauty advocates and experts have been touting coconut oil, and it's benefits, as one of the best multi-tasking products around. Backed by oodles of scientific research and reviews, coconut oil is natural and organic which means it's rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its endless uses, beyond cooking, has been the 'talk' in the beauty industry for years.

I've recently become a believer in using this magical oil as a natural facial cleanser and intense nightly moisturizer (used along with my newly purchased JADE ROLLER - ever heard of them? Read up on this ancient Chinese secret here!). After complimenting my sister on her wrinkle-free, glowing skin (and she's way over 40!), I took the jar I'd been using for my favorite coconut recipes and started slathering it on my face as part of my nightly routine.

The results? Well...six months later, I'm still hooked...and this coming from a product queen herself. Oh...how I love my products. But I ditched my nightly regime of expensive moisturizers (and believe me, I've tried all of them) and my bathroom cabinet  has now become home to a jar of it. I'm convinced there is no other moisturizer for me. My skin is soft and smooth - and I swear it's helped in the battle against those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. A little goes a long way as it easily melts deep down to your pores, leaving little or no residue.

If you don't believe me, give it a try for yourself (but do make sure it's organic and pure). Of course, you might come across online 'naysayers'  frustrated by mediocre results -- many citing clogged pores and breakouts. It would be no surprise though, so: BOTTOM LINE: this miracle oil might not be the best for those with naturally oily skin. And who knows, some of naysayers might be part of the leading beauty producers that want you to keep buying their overly expensive night creams...HMMM...

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of COCONUT OIL on your face, read some of the recommended links below:

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