The Holidays Don't Need to Be Perfect!

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la…

IT'S JUST MY OPINION - Tis the season for holiday classics to be playing and glistening decorations to be displayed everywhere you go over the next few weeks. Get ready for it! And if you’re really in the festive mood and full of holiday spirit, you might even be tempted to tune into Hallmark's channel -- sprinkled with joy and sweetness, these holiday movies project picture perfect romances, family gatherings and decorated Christmas trees with elegantly wrapped gifts underneath. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous golden Butterball centrepiece. There’s nothing like it, right?

Wrong. Let’s get real, shall we?

Holiday images like these ones that are spread across TV, magazines, and social media are supposed to be perfect. They have to be. Marketers and advertisers are getting big bucks to make them.

But if you’re one to get stressed by it all, don’t. Relax. You don’t need any of those things to have the “perfect” holiday. And you certainly don’t need the latest robot that cleans your floors, the golden retriever puppy that jumps out of the box, or the new car that's in the driveway. You don’t need your family in the matching onesies nor the mistletoe hung by the front door. It’s all just stuff! Perfect holiday drinks? Well…ahem…we can still have those, right?

The holidays should be about thankfulness. It’s a time to count blessings, reflect on the year and decide on how you want to spend the next one. Forget about rushing from store to store, filling your cart with useless items you think your family or friends need. Sure, it’s fun to see smiling faces when gifts are opened, but that kind of joy lasts seconds before everyone is reaching out for the next one. It’s all so short lived.

At this age, it should be more about experiences—the experiences of being with others or spending time outdoors. It can be more pleasurable than you think. It’s time to slow down. Don’t get caught up in trying to have the perfect holiday. There’s no such thing in the material world. All these things just keep us from enjoying the true spirit of the holidays!

Enjoy what’s in front of you. And remember, most of us just want one thing—besides a safe and healthy holiday, we want a joyful and memorable one too. I think it’s safe to say we all want the time to cherish our friends and families (unless of course, there's a whole lot of friction). Feeling content and full of gratitude to the year that’s ending and to the year that’s about to begin is what it's all about!

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