Tamara Dever’s Ultimate Mix Tape Is a Rock ’n’ Roll Trivia Book Treasure!

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We all know that the last year has been anything but righteous and that every sane person is, like, nostalgic to the max. So you’ve watched both seasons of Stranger Things, the entire Back to the Future franchise, and every John Hughes movie ever made. Now what? 

Unwind – no REWIND! Jump in your Fast Car, cruise down Thunder Road, and Escape with Tamara Dever’s Ultimate Mix Tape Music Quiz Book, a rock’n’roll party in a book! You probably already have Don’t Stand So Close to Me and Alone running through your head. Now it’s time to put your knowledge of ’70s and ’80s music to the test with over 1,000 trivia questions in a whopping 17 different categories.


“How Will I Know that I’ll love this book,” you ask? Check out a few trivia categories and a question or two.


Who’s that Girl? Name the girl in the song, the song’s title, and the singer or band.


A. Released in 1983

B. She never lets the singer down, especially at night.

C. She makes you feel nice.

D. The band has a career to Celebrate.



Moving Pictures. Using only the following six song titles, name the hit movie they describe.

Games People Play

Big Trouble


Digital Display

You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Nobody Wins

Eat It. At an upcoming rock-and-roll potluck, what artist would bring “one tough cookie,” based on which song?


Totally excellent for GenXers, trivia contests, Mother's and Father's Day gifts, DJs, '70s and '80s parties, and classic pop and rock fans.


Tamara Dever is an award-winning book designer, owner of TLC Book Design, and insatiable lover of ’70s and ’80s pop and rock music and culture. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a boatload of cassettes, albums, and CDs.


Find out more at: https://www.TotallyCool80s.com/


Come on Feel the Noise and help me introduce Ultimate Mix Tape to a stadium tour-sized audience. Like all the best mix tapes, this one was put together with love and meant to be shared. Tamara Dever’s new book is all kinds of Ooh La La awesome.


Don’t Stop Believin’!

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Title: Ultimate Mix Tape Music Quiz Book

Subtitle: Test your rad knowledge of '70s and '80s tuneage!

Author: Tamara Dever

Genre: NF; quizzes, trivia, rock and roll

Pages: 256

Publisher: Narrow Gate Books

Pub Date: 11/2/2020

ISBN: 978-0998702339

Formats: paper

Amazon Link: https://bit.ly/AMEUltimateMixTapeTD

PS: Answers to Quiz Questions: Super Freak by Rick James; Electric Dreams; Pat Benetar, Hit Me with Your Best Shot

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