I'm Carolyn, the person behind this blog. Born, raised and, after having spent ten years on a tropical island (seriously!), I came back to residing in the Toronto area of Canada. 

We all know that our time on this precious planet of ours is limited. This is why I try, as much as possible, to live in the moment and make the most of each and every day (including spending time snuggling on the couch with my Sophie - our 70 lb. Olde English Bulldog).

While I started my career in urban planning, I've spent the majority of my life as a teacher and an entrepreneur. I set up and ran a video store and a tour guide company on the island of Roatan and owned and operated a successful tutoring business for over 10 years. These days, I split my time between my day job as an ESL instructor & content writer (you can read more about the teacher side of me here - but come back please!) and my night time passion, working on my novel and writing this blog.

Of course, when I'm not teaching, writing, or showing photos of Sophie oops I mean presenting workshops, there's nothing I like better than getting lost with my book people. As a big fan of women’s fiction (mostly ‘chick lit’ but like many of you, I'm way past the ‘horrible boss and wandering lover' stage), I’ve been focusing more and more on lighthearted novels for women over 40. In fact, after some blood, sweat and more than a few tears, I'm proud to say I’ve just completed my first novel, And Then There Was Margaret. I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you very soon as it's in its finishing stages. I'll be working on my query letters to my dream agents soon, but also exploring the self-published route (yup, you may find me on Amazon before too long!). Either way, I'll keep you posted!

Why the blog? Because as a mature (ing) woman, I feel like we've been a little left behind by the literary and entertainment community. But why?! We’re awesome! We’re smart, we’re interesting and boy are we fun. And so, I’ve decided to create something that’s ‘for us, by us’ (sorry Damond!). Coupled with the fact that I've loved everything 'chicklitty' during my twenties and even thirties, it occurred me that after successfully raising two amazing daughters with the help of my hubbie, I was, and still am, ready for a new and exciting adventure. Writing fiction...and living by one of my favorite quotes below. 

"Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan 

Obviously, the main focus here is books, in particular, those targeting women over 40. But we’re going to focus on topics that are of interest to ‘us’ including things that irk us, teach us and inspire us (warts 'n all!). In addition to blog posts, I hope to have posts from guest bloggers, author interviews, as well as a continuation of links to third party articles and sites. 

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Looking forward to seeing you here!

Carolyn Clarke Flores

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