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The jig is up. We've hit (or have already passed) the chronological milestone, the big 4-0. No longer can we order anything off the menu, indulge in a little junk food, or tie one on and not expect to pay a price the next day. More than ever, we now have to pay attention to what we eat, drink and do. Not to depress you, but there are a lot of changes that happen after 40 beyond a sluggish metabolism and a sudden need for reading glasses. There's the good, the bad and the downright ugly as pointed out in BEST LIFE ONLINE'S article 40 Ways Your Body Changes After 40.

With some of these changes, we have to work harder at getting and staying in shape - and not because we want our 20 something bodies back, but mostly because we want to be at our healthiest, prevent or recover from sprains and pains, and to keep up with our more active friends. Eating healthy and exercising our bodies become more important than ever, but in a mad rush world, we all know it isn't  easy to do this ALL the time. Life gets in the way and so do those relentless hormones making us crave those unrefined, empty carbs like pizza crust and cookie dough. And who doesn't like a  French baguette with their wine? But for those women who forge through life, getting in their twelve servings of fruits and veggies a day and finding being at the gym their 'happy place', then kudos to you! And I mean it!

Not to worry. Wherever we are with our daily diet and exercise routine, we could always benefit by learning more with articles like these below.

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